Benefits of Adopting a Pet During Your Golden Years

June 3, 2022

By Bridgelight Financial Advisors

What better way to enhance your retirement this summer than adopting a new furry companion? Your retirement years are the absolute best years to adopt a pet. Why? At this point in your life, you won’t be held back from everything that used to make it so difficult to train and raise a pet. Work is no longer an issue and you don’t need to revolve your days around your children’s hectic schedule. Not only would a new member of your family boost your serotonin this summer, having animals around during your retirement years in general provides a number of health, social, and emotional benefits.

Physical and Mental Benefits

Pets are widely known for the unconditional love they have for their owners, and this love is just the root of the health benefits they provide their humans. Animals have proven to lower anxiety levels and even lower blood pressure (1). Bringing a dog into your life is also sure to help put retirees back into a routine that gets you off the comfort of your couch and out of the house. According to a study at the University of Missouri, dog walking was associated with fewer doctor’s visits, a lower body mass index, and more frequent daily exercise (2). If your mobility is limited, cats are known to be self-sufficient animals that are also sure to improve mood and add excitement to a home.

Connecting with Your Community

If you decide to get an animal that requires trips around your neighborhood this could be a major benefit to expanding your social circle! It’s no secret that we all haven’t been able to get out much during the last few years. Taking your animals for a stroll around your neighborhood is a great way to interact with a whole new community of people. Dog walking has spiked since the pandemic. While we were all in quarantine, what else was there to do? You’ll meet people that you at least share one interest with that could grow into something with potential. Now, instead of meeting at the water fountain at work, you’ll be chatting at the end of a leash.

Great Companions

Retirement years are meant for fun and excitement. They’re also meant to take much needed time for yourself. If you find yourself spending a lot of time alone, or you and your partner want to fill that empty nest of yours, an animal can be a great decision. Animals love spending time with their owners and find joy in even the smallest of things. They’re great listeners, console you when you’re sad, and truly become the best of friends. Now, even the little moments you used to enjoy doing alone are amplified just that much more with your new companion by your side.

Newfound Sense of Purpose

It’s normal for retirees to spend a few years in retirement and feel as though they no longer have a purpose in the world. You no longer have a job that you once loved or maybe you no longer have to care for your children in the way you used to. Animals can ignite that fire once again! Humans are natural caregivers; it gives us a sense of purpose and fulfillment. It’s natural to seek out other ways to provide love and protection for something new. What better way to fill this void than to adopt an animal that needs your unconditional love?

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