Inching Closer to Completion

 In Bridgelight Financial Advisors

We are inching closer to completion of our rebranding efforts and are bursting with excitement to roll out the changes to you! We took the time to really analyze the user experience from your perspective. Everything from the way that you access your accounts to the way that we communicate with you was taken into consideration.

What we realized is that you didn’t have enough tools – digitally – to be fully involved in this process. We wanted to change that so that you would have access to a platform that made checking and maintaining your financial accounts with Bridgelight Financial simple.

We also wanted to include a focus on the inclusion of accessible educational tools that will make you savvier and more prepared to make important financial decisions with us by your side. So, we’ve included a new feature that addresses this need as well.

We are almost to the finish line on this project. Stay tuned for more updates on our rebranding and prepare to enjoy a much-improved platform as we move forward together in achieving your financial goals.

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